It’s all something we have wanted ever since we were a little child. To fit in, to belong to mother not father or vis versa. We as humans have a natural need to feel needed, wanted, loved, accepted. While we were younger we worked hard to fill that need. As we grew up, and hit high school age we still worked hard to fit in, but found it wasn’t that hard to make friends since there were so many different type of groups to belong to. Then we graduated, maybe went to college or started right off into the working world and realized life isn’t like highschool there are SO many more different type of people out there. Free thinking people that you actually think like and are able to have a real conversation with. Realizing that you were developing relationships with people that you shared actual interest in helped to make you not just feel belonged but needed at the same time. Friends would seek answers from you. You would reach out to them.

Then as you entered mid twenties you began to notice not just groups but communities. The neighborhood community, the gay community, the stay-at-home-mom community, each with their own set of rules, guidelines and dynamics one would have to maintain. Slip up and the whole community knows within a matter of minutes, even seconds thanks to our dear old friend social media.
So when looking at it in black and white, it seems that the idea of belonging does a full circle from working to fit in, to just fitting in, back to having to work to fit in. So do we really progress as we get older and act from what we learned or just use what we have learned and play high school as adults. After speaking with a close group of friends, that I like to call “the forum’ – we each have a different name for our daily chats on politics, sex, music, life ( ps – there may be a blog coming soon of the our topics ) we pretty much decided it doesn’t matter what these communities think of you. Yes, you do belong to that one maybe two communities, but you are what you bring to that community. Being confident and strong in yourself is what is going to help you within that community. You should want to belong to yourself before any others.

I just couldn't resist 

After also reaching out for opinions from others ( thanks FB ) it helped me realize – remember that time we spoke of earlier, where we just made friends because we found people like us. Well they turned out to be the friends we will have for the longest, the ones from college, work, coffee shops. 

Why – because these were the ones we actually had something in common with. Not the ones we met fighting over how the yard sale sign should read, not the ones we continue to find yourself hanging out with at the bar but the ones you created a relationship with. You both built a foundation on something solid. Let it rest there, and let it settle because those friends are the ones that will help keep you strong when the community begins to shift. 

Think about one of your favorite romantic movies. Now think, did it have a scene where the two main actors somewhere kissed in the rain? Yes? No?

 Even if the movie you picked didn’t involve this action, what is it about kissing in the rain that we find so fascinating. Sure, its wet and cold, so being close just comes natural, but when you think about it, someone is just going to end up sick ( right, mother always told you not to play outside in the rain ).

Yet, it seems every relationship should have that one moment of kissing in the rain. The idea of the rain just washing away everything and leaving only that raw and clean, stripped away feeling, yet still being attracted to one another that makes you just feel, well, special.

Really this was all sparked by a recent song I heard ( and if you listened to the album from my last post it’s what got me thinking). So, I thought about all my favorite scenes from movies where the two main actors kissed in the rain. Here are just a few I could find video for.

Check them out, and also, share what your favorite scenes are. There are so many. 

Everyone knows this one - it was even redone on The O.C. but it is still one no one will ever forget


Another favorite, ( and a favorite movie as well ) is this scene. Though it does also include a cat, it's not like it sounds. The kiss actually happens around 4:15 but just watch the whole thing. 

Breakfast At Tiffany's 

This is one I think that a lot of people forget about, yet it is such a great scene. Especially since it matches the opening of the film. 

Sweet Home Alabama 

Cliche I know, but this is my favorite favorite scene. I could watch this movie every week. Sit down with a glass or two of wine and just push play. I even now know a couple that this reminds me of and it makes it so much more fun when I get to visit with them and wonder if their life and story are like this. 

The Notebook 

Though, I actually like this clip better, I just couldn't post it.


It’s almost here. Summer. The weather has warmed up, then cools down, then warms up, then repeat. Yet, in Houston, when it is finally warm, we really mean walking through the water we call humidity.
Though each year we look forward to it. Being able to lay out by the pool. Making weekend trips to the beach with friends. Family Vacations. With every adventure there is usually a song that goes right along with it. I know with my friends – we usually pick one before our adventure and we dub it the theme song as though we were being filmed the whole time ( which in our heads – we are ).  

The summer anthems, the songs you play on repeat on your ipod while getting ready. The song you BLAST in the car with the windows down, and dance to at the stop light. What are they? Who will you be listening to?
Right now – if you are not already listening to this  - I want to introduce you to a whole album I know I will be blasting ( because I already have been ).

Marina & The Diamonds.

photo credits: google image search

You might be more firmilar with the song “I Am Not A Robot” but my true favorite is “Oh NO!” on the album The Family Jewels. It’s perfect for summer and it is one that I can relate to. For those that know me you get it.

Here is the music video here. Listen. Watch. 

Go check out the rest of the album. It's all pretty catchy. And share with everyone else - what are some good summer songs. Leave the comments for others to check out as well. 

I know I know, I'm a little behind with this, but earlier I had computer problems and I couldn't sit behind my computer anymore.

Either way - here is the new leaked song from Britney Spears - Till The World Ends
PS. this may not be the final version of the song. 

What do you think? Do you like it better than HIAM? Did you move your hips?

The new album is set to drop March 29. GET EXCITED.


Every school is different. Then within each school every class is different. Though it seems once we have finished our education, weather it be through high school or through graduate school we are all linked for having read the basics in English class. Some of the books we loved, some we hated, some we didn’t read ( it just got easier once netflix came about ).

Each one of us had a favorite. I personally had two; The Great Gatsby and Lord of the Flies.  In fact, I have both on my iTunes collection currently.

Then I find this out, another one is being produced. Exciting right? Well, I boycotted 3D movies a while ago, and sure enough The Great Gatsby is to begin filming this August in Syndey Australia, the hometown of Baz Luhmann who purchased the rights in 2008, in 3D. 

As far as the cast, Leonardo DiCaprio has had the character of Jay Gatsby secured from the beginning it seems. The character of Daisy was the harder one to cast but finally offered to Carey Mulligan ( though I am still unsure if she has officially accepted the role ). Another name to be tagged along with the film, Jake Gyllenhaal.

Luhmann also filmed Australia and Moulin Rouge! both of which were very catching to the eye.  So we shall see, after the 17-week long shot and postproduction if this is a film I will end up seeing in 3D and breaking my ban. 


Though I do think I would much rather see a different cast for this film. Not that Leo would not be able to perfom as "the great" Gatsby, but isn't there any other male actor out there? Maybe . . . a reunion between Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams. We do all love them.


Just incase you were not one of the schools that were able to read this book, here is a idea of the book thanks to Barnes&Noble -

The mysterious Jay Gatsby embodies the American notion that it is possible to redefine oneself and persuade the world to accept that definition. Gatsby's youthful neighbor, Nick Carraway, fascinated with the display of enormous wealth in which Gatsby revels, finds himself swept up in the lavish lifestyle of Long Island society during the Jazz Age. Considered Fitzgerald's best work, The Great Gatsby is a mystical, timeless story of integrity and cruelty, vision and despair.”

What do you think? Will it be better in 3D? Will I actually have to go see this one? Will you go see this one?

Oh - just one more thing – if you happen to find one of these books in a vintage style or early edition, this would be a wonderful gift.



Remember when you were a kid, and you were in the back seat of the car singing as loud as you could to the radio. You heard the music, and your heard your voice singing, and there wasn’t any greater feeling in the world then just letting it out.

Then remember your parents changing the station because they were tired of you singing so loud, and your performance for one ( yourself ) was over.

Though it never really stopped me from singing. Singing loud.

But these guys, I am sure no one ever told them to stop singing. Actually, from what I remember from high school, they performed all the time.  Together, solo, at lunch, on stage. They got to sing. Out loud. All the time, and people didn’t change their station. Why? They were good, and you wanted to listen.

zach chance & jonathon clay



Now it gets better, Jonathon Clay and Zach Chance team up as Jamestown Revival. You may have heard some of their work while solo and be slightly familiar.  Clay had songs played on a few shows on MTV, while Chance had a song played in an episode of Private Practice on ABC. 

( Extremely jealous )

So now, check them out. They have demo’s that play on their website. It just plays so set it, go finish what you were working on. Let it play. You won't change the station. It's a different sound, but it holds you there. Be sure to check out all their photos. Their look, though amazing, is something completely different. I never wanted to wear a feather nor smoke a pipe, yet I feel sometime soon I will own both. 

Now this is where you get involved. They are up for the cover of a Rolling Stone Magazine cover 
( Even more jealous ). It’s a contest being held by RS and you get to vote. Simply follow the link, and rate them. There are four rounds. This is round one, and it ends tomorrow. 

good luck guys and for more information, more stories, more photos, and just more visit their website. 


I can still remember to this day sitting at the computer in 8th grade, playing in word ( I had nothing as fancy as photoshop, not even powerpoint ). I couldn't stop changing the kerning or the way the letters would sit next to one another. I was only placing simple words. One to two letter words. Though each word needed full attention with spacing and design. The way the curve of the ‘s’ lead into the angle of the ‘a’. Creating this whole image out of things as simple as letters.

I also remember what movie I was watching that made me jump off of the couch and start playing in word. ( The movie shall remain a mystery to everyone reading. It is something for me know and well, frankly you to never find out. ) This movie sparked this urge in me to start some type of publication. So I started designing magazine titles. That’s when I knew I wanted to be a part of a publication in some way or another. I figured either help design, be part of the production, or simply own it and start it from the ground up.

So I put my foot in any type of activity that would teach me whatever it was I really needed to know to be part of a publication. Yearbook in high school. Working for a magazine in college. Receiving a B.F.A in Graphic Design and taking as many photography classes as I could.

Long story short. Here I go. The ball has to start rolling sooner or later, and honestly later is now here ( I have been talking about it for years, starting this blog ).

So here it is. VERGE. My blog magazine. The content? Well I want to focus on things up and coming, things that are already here, anything people find interesting. A regular lifestyle blog. The things you like, the things I like. Movies. Music. Video Games? Food. Fun. Fashion. Work out routines. Creative ideas. Creative people.

Here is the catch. This is just a teaser. I will not have the blog fully launched until March 1st. This will give me time, and you time if you like, to get together ideas. Cover things all over Texas.

So those in Dallas, send me ideas. Those in Austin, send me ideas. My friends in San Antonio, send me ideas.

You get the idea?

Mark your calendars.

03 / 01 / 2011